National Services


National Services

The National Entitlement Card can be used to access a variety of services across Scotland. To find out more about what services the NEC is able to provide locally visit the Local Services page, or to find out all the services your NEC may allow you to access answer a few short questions on the Your NEC page.


The NEC can be used to access free, discounted and concessionary travel on public transport in your local area and across Scotland. The smartcard can also be used for access to community car clubs such as Co-wheels, and storing travel tickets and passes from a number of operators. For more information on accessing transport using your NEC visit the following links:

Young Scot

Young Scot NECs allow young people to access a wide range of rewards, discounts and acts as Proof of Age (PASS) for shops and licensed premises. For more information on the Young Scot NEC visit the following link: