Local Services


Local Services

The National Entitlement Card can be used to access a variety of services within your Local Council. To find out more about what services the NEC is able to provide nationally visit the National Services page, or to find out all the services your NEC may allow you to access answer a few short questions on the Your NEC page.


Lifelong Learning

The NEC can be used for library membership. It can also be used as a student matriculation card and access to services such as printing and photocopying credit, or for secure door access control into authorised buildings.


Your NEC may be used to take advantage of discounted entry to cultural entitlements.


The NEC may be used to access health reward initiatives, such as smoking cessation schemes - "Quit for You" and "Give It Up For Baby". The smartcard can also be used for discounts and for leisure membership.


The NEC may be used as a cashless payment method to pre-order meals at sheltered housing complexes, as well as cashless catering for pupils to buy schools meals.


NECs can be used for many different services. Some areas use NEC as staff identity cards. It may also be used for controlled entry to access buildings as well as work time recording systems.